Asthma & COPD

Asthma & COPD clinic (Respiratory Clinic)

At Chelsfield the asthma and COPD clinics are run by both the nurse practitioners/practice Nurses as well as doctors who endeavour to provide high quality care for people with respiratory disease. your breathing is assessed at least yearly with a peak flow meter which you blow through to check the function of your lungs. They will monitor your condition, teach you how to manage your condition yourself including how to deal with exacerbations, and modify your treatment as necessary with the aim of improving symptoms, improving physical functioning and well being and as far as possible preventing the need for A+E attendance or hospital admission.

We have a dedicated Respiratory Nurse clinic at Chelsfield Surgery every Tuesday. We also offer appointment throughout the week for Asthma and COPD reviews. 

You may be offered an inhaler and be assessed on your inhaler technique. A good source of information can be found on the asthma website.

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Management of Adult Asthma 

Management of Childhood Asthma 

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